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To INK or Not to INK...What do YOU THINK?

TO INK OR NOT TO INK?! What do you think? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Afterall, it’s definitely a life long commitment or at least it is for most. Kind of like marriage, I guess. Removal can and does happen; I hear it’s quite painful on both accounts.😅

It’s crazy to think that Humans have been marking themselves for thousands of years✨. Tribal Tattoos🪶, Warrior Tattoos, Sailor Tattoos⚓️. Apparently, even Cavemen were getting tattooed. So many meanings and reasons for getting ink. ❤️

Did you know that European settlers outlawed tattoos during their Colonization?! Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me either. Colonization and Religion put a damper on body art for many, many years.😳

But, the Ancient Art of Tattooing is back in style for sure. These days, I see ink on everyone. Heck, even my parents have tattoos. There are definitely some badass tattoo artists out there and some wanna be prison guys still passing out ink too. Tattoo’s are in the mainstream to stay.

But, here’s what I wanna you care for your precious art daily? ((Do You Heal It, Seal It and Give it Some Daily LOVE)) I love using Vibe Teibe Essentials for my tattoo care. Yeah, I may be the chief essential oiler and a little bias, but these product rock.💜✨

Sun damage is the leading case of fading, yeah...That doesn’t surprise me either. Sun damage to your skin happens with or without tattoos. We all need lots of moisture and sun protection on our skin daily.🙌

What if you could give your beautiful tattooed skin a little extra love daily to keep your ink fresh and vibrant...Would you do it? As an aromatherapist, I’ve been blending and using products on my tattoos for years. I know the importance of treating your aging skin well and I’m obsessed with keeping my ink looking vibrant. ✨

DM me, if you want some more info.

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